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DIS has students from preschool to eighth grade who receive individual attention to meet their needs and are given opportunities for personal growth.


The use of technological tools such as iPads, SMART Boards and Laptops ensures that DIS is among the front runners of not only Islamic schools but public schools as well for modern learning.


We encourage students to use their education and to apply real life applications when learning.  Our programs include but are not limited to:


  • A full-time Islamic Studies program
  • Quran Memorization
  • Arabic Language
  • Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies
  • Gym
  • Extracurricular Activities:  Boys and Girls Basketball, Student Council, and more!


These programs offer our students a well-rounded schedule that follows the Common Core and the Ohio Department of Education standards as well as an established curriculum for Islamic Studies, Quran, and Arabic.

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